Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQs before contacting us and booking

1. Who is the photographer?

That’d be me, Robert. I will shoot photography sessions such as portraits myself. An additional assistant may be required depending on the clients needs.

2. Who is the videographer?

That’d be me, Robert. I may require an assistant depending on the client’s needs.

3. Will you shoot weddings?

Yes! You can book me as a photographer or videographer for your special day! I may bring an assistant to capture additional pictures or video so every detail and moment is preserved forever.

4. Will you shoot portraits?

Yes, absolutely!

5. Can you create a video for my business?

Yes! I will shoot and edit your advertisement and/or interview. Contact me for more details and pricing.

6. Can you help me with my short film?

Yes! Contact us so we can discuss your film and figure out how we can make your idea a reality!

7. Do you have a studio space or brick-and-mortar location?

No, we currently do not have a studio space or physical location. However, we have all the necessary equipment and abilities to capture stunning images wherever you’d like!

8. How long until I have all of my photos?

For all 1-3 hour-photo sessions, I will have all the edited images to you in 4-5 weeks. For weddings, I will have the photos and/or video delivered to you within 8 weeks. If you wish to edit the photos yourself, please let me know. I will also post photos to my website as I edit.

9. Does Robert really know what he’s doing with a camera?

Yes I do! I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film/video production from UW-Milwaukee and also took many courses for photography. I’ve worked with several professional photographers that have taught me a lot about the art of photography and how to run a business. I’m always searching for new ideas and skills to push my work to the next level so that I can provide you with high quality images and video that you will be proud of!

10. How do I book a photo session or wedding?

Please contact us for an obligation free photography information session. When you’re ready you can book a shoot date. Please note: All non-wedding/large event shoots must be paid in full on or before the shoot date. For weddings/large events, we require a 50% deposit (non-refundable) of the total price of the quote offered to you which must be paid before the wedding/event date. All payments must be paid via PayPal or Venmo.


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