Robert Pasko

Lead Photographer and Videographer

My passion for photography and filmmaking has been with me ever since I saw Star Wars for the first time when I was 8 years old. I participated in several film and TV camps during my youth and I always had some sort of my small, low resolution camera in my hand. Naturally, I received my BFA in film production from UW-Milwaukee in December of 2019. I also had the privilege to screen my short film Alive at film festivals around the US and abroad, including San Antonia, TX and Chișinău, Moldova.

In terms of photography, I founded my first business Pasko Productions LLC in February of 2021. The main focus of my business is portrait photography and I also offer videography services. The type of photography I enjoy capturing the most is wildlife and nature photography. My photography style is still evolving and changing with each photo that I take and I'm always researching new techniques and ideas in the photography world. Likewise, I own a wide variety of cameras, lenses, filters, lights, and equipment, so I'm positive I can provide you with exactly what you want!